The home of your next writing or promotional project.

What do I do, you ask?

Well, you can read all about that here if you like. But in short, I’m a writer. Of website content, blog posts, print marketing materials, email campaigns, and so on. Basically, anything that helps promote (and more importantly, sell) the goods and services produced by small business owners like yourself.

You’re welcome to see if the project you’re looking for is on my list of services. And if you don’t find it, be sure to ask. Then, you can get in touch with me to request a project proposal, or go ahead and get it scheduled.

That’s just how easy it is. Not even a three-step process. Just two:  find out if I create the copy you want, then talk with me on how to get it.

Of course, if you want to see some of my actual work first, you can browse my small (but growing!) portfolio. Or, if you just want to learn a little more about who I am, right here is a good place to start.

Again, welcome, where helping your small business is my small business.