As I’m sure you already know, as a small business owner/manager or entrepreneur yourself, there is always learning to do.

2009 marked my first full year as a small business owner. With that, came many learning experiences. This year, I:

  • completed our first tax returns, for both this company and our farm
  • figured out the system for paying and reporting employer taxes
  • went through two private health insurance policies
  • finally set up all of our business endeavors in a real accounting system
  • issued our first set of W-2s
  • and the list goes on…

While none of these things directly relate to the work our businesses do, they are imperative for small business owners. Most of them are tedious, requiring lots of paperwork, calculations and days spent locating missing files and invoices.

I recently had someone ask me, “Are you really using any of that education you paid for on the farm?”

My response?

“Every day. Every time we create and analyze a crop budget, and better yet, a farm budget for the coming season/quarter/year. Every time we decide whether or not to grow a certain crop, whether to complete that extra irrigation or add extra fertilizer. And every day we’re in the office completing accounting tasks, payroll, taxes and other bookwork.”

Every day is a learning opportunity for a small business owner, no matter what your trade. Some days, it might be simply learning you would be better off delegating a certain task; other days, you are proud to learn how to accomplish something yourself.

I believe this “always learning” attitude is what sets us apart. The day I wake up not “always learning” is when I will begin to worry.

Are you a small business owner just getting started? Would you like some tips on how we manage things? Just get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to help.