I have often been told my gift lies in “writing to sell,” so naturally, I like to do just that.
I really like to work with small businesses. You know, the entrepreneurial-type, with just a few employees (or even none). Even more specifically, I enjoy agribusinesses. Ones based on agricultural products or services. This is because I have roots, interest and education in these areas. It might have a little to do with the fact my husband is a farmer, and my dad is small business owner.

For Small Business

I’ve done all sorts of business writing in the past, from website content to print marketing materials to feature stories for print and online media. However, the two areas I really like to focus on here are:
Business blogging (creating posts for your business blog) and Press releases.

For Academic/Non-profits
These services are preferably within the agricultural arena as well (ag professors, special interest groups, etc.)

Here, the specialties are Editing (for publishable research, papers and presentations) and Grant Proposals.

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