My husband and I were chatting last night about a friend we saw recently. She is a second-year teacher, and absolutely loving it. (I know, we really need to thank teachers like this. And the best part? She teaches middle school.)

Once a teacher himself (who is begged to return weekly), and passionate about everything he does, my husband said, “You know, I really appreciated the passion she had when she was talking about her students. Not everyone has that about what they do. It’s nice to hear someone young really be passionate about something like that.”

Our passions

Obviously, I am passionate about writing. It’s what I do. I thoroughly enjoy waking up daily and finding opportunities to share my passion with others, hopefully helping them in the process.

But, I have other passions too. I may have mentioned we have a farm. It’s what my husband does every day. It’s what I do every other day (or sometimes every day, depending upon the season). It’s our business, our future, our livelihood. More than that, it represents something we both feel strongly about – preserving production agriculture. So, we are quite passionate about it.

Now, at least for the time being, neither of these passions are quite as fruitful as we would like, especially at this stage in our lives where we really need to be capitalizing on income. But, we rise each day knowing we are choosing what it is we do, and we’re pleased with the choices we have made. Most importantly, we’re passionate about them.

Pinpointing your passions

This can be awfully difficult, I know. Two or three years ago, as I was completing my graduate degree and my entrance into the “real world” became imminent, I couldn’t tell you what my passions were. I couldn’t tell you what it was I wanted to do with myself. Rather scary for a 22-year-old, especially when a lot of people are expecting relatively big things from you.

Sure, I knew I wanted to be involved in agriculture somehow, but I had no idea in what capacity. Likewise, I knew I had always enjoyed writing, but I had never contemplated my “passion” for it, nor did I have any clue how I could turn it into a “job”, or more importantly, a “career”.

I’m not going to lie. My husband had a lot to do with me figuring this out. First, he always knew he wanted to be involved in production agriculture. He just has a more forward-thinking, goal-oriented attitude than I do in general.

Which leads me to my first suggestion in pinpointing your own passions:  surround yourself with those who are uplifting, encouraging, and believe in you.

This has by far made the biggest difference in me finding my path.

Secondly, experiment.

In order to find out if you’re really passionate about something, you have to jump in and try it. What you find might surprise you. For example, in the beginning, I thought I was more interested in marketing, but it was the more specific aspect of writing that was my true passion.

Lastly, give yourself freedom to fully explore and enjoy your passions.

For you, this might mean turning your passion into a way to make a living, like it has for us. Or, it might simply be creating a weekend hobby or something you do in another form of “me time”. Whatever it is, make time for your passion.

You will be rewarded immensely. Trust me.